We are proud of the fact that companies from so many industries and from all key sectors trust in the high performance of Hauck Heat Treatment. This trust drives us to be an expert partner in this age of rapidly developing technology and to support you with excellent services in the future, too.

Our highly qualified engineers, technicians, IT experts and project managers know our customers’ needs, constantly exchange knowledge and experience, get to the bottom of things for our customers and have acquired a great degree of industry knowledge over 80 years. The result is a range of extremely innovative and reliable services in the field of general heat treatment and surface coating.


Tool production industry

Whether you need through-hardening and tempering or surface hardening, nitriding or surface coating for your components, we have a wide range of treatment options at our disposal that will both improve the durability of and generally optimise your tools. With its modern plant facilities offering numerous quenching methods and coating procedures, we can fulfil almost any treatment demand in the field of tool manufacturing and thus optimise tools in a variety of different ways.


Joining technology

The status of Hauck Heat Treatment as a leading heat treatment partner in the joining industry is based primarily on two factors: its high-performance, continuous heat treatment systems with varying material handling techniques and an output capacity of up to 1,500 kg per hour, and on its extensive expertise in the field of chamber furnace charging and heat treatment, through which it is capable of gas-flow-optimised, low-distortion heat treatment methods for complex sheets of metal plates. We offer top quality and extremely short processing times and are thus easily incorporated into your manufacturing chain. And when it comes to heat treatment for recurring, large-scale product lines, we see it as our responsibility to ensure that the existing processes and quality management measures are continually improved.


Furniture Industry

High precision, outstanding durability and long-term functional reliability of metal connecting components play an important role in the furniture industry. This is particularly the case for furniture used on a daily basis. Using precise heat treatment, connecting elements can be given specific functional characteristics that are decisive to the long-term, successful use of the furniture.  They can be made resistant to vibrations, ensuring high resistance and outstanding quality. The connecting elements are optimised and adjusted to their specific applications in the Hauck Heat Treatment systems in an exceptionally cost-efficient manner. Hauck Heat Treatment  finishes furniture connection systems designed for adjusting and screwing parts together. These systems leave plenty of room for design thanks to their quality and functional properties.


Medical technology

Boasting cutting-edge systems technology and decades of experience in handling high-quality components and in optimizing related processes, Hauck Heat Treatment is a highly competent partner for companies active in the medical technology industry. Particularly noteworthy in this area are our vacuum methods for heat treatment and surface coating, which ensure a consistently high quality standard in high-alloy steel goods. Our ancillary cleansing technologies meet the highest demands with regard to general residual dirt analysis. Highly adaptable, they can be tailored to suit a wide range of requirements.


Mechanical engineering

Our versatile system and processing technologies coupled with our consistent quality management make us a strong partner for the mechanical engineering industry. From the development phase onwards, we can provide you with highly experienced consultant team specialising in new developments and solving complex tasks. We use our long-standing expertise to provide you with optimal support throughout all phases of your project all the way up to serial production.

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Electrical engineering

For many decades now, the facilities of Hauck Heat Treatment have stood for consistently high quality and timely delivery in the field of heat treatment and surface coating, in particular for the electrical engineering industry. Our extensive know-how in the field of electrical engineering ranges from annealing techniques for the creation of special ferromagnetic characteristics in pure iron through to the heat treatment of complex copper-beryllium alloys.



The quality standards in the aeronautic and aerospace industries are extremely high, because constant functional reliability is vital in these fields.

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Automotive Industry

With our decades of experience in the field of heat treatment and surface coating, we have a strong focus on suppliers in the automotive industry. Our expertise is reflected both in the trust that major automotive companies and their suppliers place in us, and also in the uniform quality, environmental and energy management systems that we have introduced at all our facilities.

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